3.4.12 Slow response to chat

I recently updated to Vassal 3.4.12 and released version 4.2.0 of my module, Star Wars: Armada.

After this, players report a delay before text msg are displayed in the chat window.

This happens consistently, every game.

It’s not immediately apparent but happens once we’ve played for a little while.

The REALLY odd part: it only affects every other msg. So if you type 1 and hit ENTER, it’s delayed. But if you hit 2 and ENTER, both lines are immediately shown. Again this happens consistently.

One more oddity: if you scroll up and down, the “missing” message will immediately be displayed.

Trying to figure out if this is a bug related to Vassal 3.4.12, if I’ve somehow introduced it into the module, or if it’s a server issue (don’t think that’s the case).

Anyone have an idea what this could be?

That happens when some kind of “Bad HTML” has been fed to the chat window.

Usually this is because somewhere in some of your Report Messages or other report formats, you have a “<” character that is being spuriously interpreted as an HTML tag.

The best option is to find all of those and get rid of them (or replace them with < which will display as a “<” character without causing the problem). The alternative fix is to go to preferences and disable HTML in chat.


That’s a good tip.

I did experiment with the new special characters to add color to some reporting.

Maybe I either made an error somewhere. A bold tag or something.

I found no extra “<” characters in the build file.

I removed all instances of from my module, to no effect.

Could any of the new quick colors be to blame? I only use them as described - first character of a line.

“Quick Colors” are also available by using a special character as the very first character in a line: ! for green, ? for pink, ~ for red, and ` (back apostrophe) for purple.

(HTML support IS enabled)

You probably missed a “<” somewhere; that’s been the cause of this problem every time it’s been brought up in the forums so far, anyway. Can you share the module (or even just the build file), so someone else can check?

You were right, of course.

I went back in and almost immediately found it, hiding in plain sight.

The reason I didn’t spot it initially was I was looking for an unclosed “<” but I had it enclosing in a report where it should say $PlayerName$

Thank you for your speedy replies. You guys saved me a lot of hairpulling and teeth-gnashing.