3.4.8 32bit Vista Install Error Messages

The error window says this:

The procedure entry point K32EnumProcessModules could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL.32.dll

and Error: loading:C\Program Files\Vassal - 3.4.8\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll

And Vassal 3.4.8 doesn’t run.

This doesn’t surprise me, because 3.2.17 doesn’t run anymore on my Vista either. It will sometimes open, but when you click on any single module … Nothing but a perpetual spinning wheel. They never open anymore.

Java is 8 update 221

Just a quick clarifying question, since I can’t tell from the subject line:

Is it “3.4.8 32bit”, as in, you downloaded the 32-bit Windows installer for VASSAL 3.4.8 here?

Or is it “32bit Vista”, meaning you have 32-bit Windows Vista, and in which case it’s less clear which VASSAL installer you downloaded?

Yes, I have a 32 bit Vista (I also have two XPs and two Win7s) and I have downloaded the 32 bit Vassal and installed it. Following that, I received the error messages noted above. And for some time I have been unable to run 3.2.17 on this Vista.

My guess is that the bundled Java is in 3.4.8 is too new to run on Vista. VASSAL 3.3 and later require Java 11. I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a 32-bit Java 11 built to run on Vista. I did not in five minutes of looking.

There will be something in the errorLog when this happens. Please post the contents.

Here’s instructions for locating the errorLog: vassalengine.org/wiki/Error_Logs