3.5.0 Module Library Bug

Often when I open the VASSAL Module Library using 3.5.0, the module library no longer lists any modules that I modified or played using 3.5.0. It still lists module created under 3.4.9 or older.

Are you getting an exception when this happens?

The image below is what I would like to see after opening the VASSAL in the morning but most mornings the top listed module (BCS Arracourt made with 3.5.0) nor any module made with 3.5.0, are not in the list.


Happened to me too. It seems to be a sporadic issue. I’ve been working with a new module and, one time between edits, it just disappeared from the library. After re-opening and working with it, all seems fine now. I just checked and it’s there. Have no idea way it just disappeared that one time. I got no error messages.

That has happened to me twice at the weekend!!!

OK, another clue.
I open up 3.5.1 to edit or play a game. Then I close the 3.5.1 module library.
Then I open up 3.2.17 module library to edit or play a game and then close 3.2.17 module library.
Next time I open up 3.5.1 module library no modules edited by 3.5.1 show up in the list.
Repeated this 3 times with the same result each time.

Try VASSAL-3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-module_list-ef53af5e2: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/

Does that fix it for you?

Looks like that took care of it.