3.5.3 GKC for reporting only may be very slow

A GKC that has no criteria or command defined might be used for its report function.

In this case, by default, the GKC will cause a delay because, apparently, the Vassal Player will perform some action relating to the search criteria of “all pieces”, even though the GKC command is null. This was the case prior to v3.5 and is carried forward into “Fast Match”.

The workaround is to define GKC search criteria, Fast Match or otherwise, that yields no results. However, shouldn’t Vassal not bother doing the search if the GKC command is null ? Or can some purpose be served by sending a null command to a piece ?

This is bug 14203, which we’ve fixed. Try VASSAL-3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-cb4f850e2 or later: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/