3.5.3 Window Title Saving/Logging

VASSAL now shows the last saved filename in the window title. When you are logging it will show the filename and LOGGING.

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 19.23.38.JPG[/attachment]

Then while I am logging I save the game to take a snapshot of the game state, now it shows the vsav filename.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 19.23.53.JPG[/attachment]

It has replaced the LOGGING in the window title, but VASSAL is still logging! I don’t think it should stop telling me about my logging if I happen to create a VSAV while logging.

I agree and have pushed a fix.

If I haven’t screwed it up, test builds will appear here in a few minutes: github.com/vassalengine/vassal/ … /684197753 (you’ll need to be logged into a GitHub account in order for the download links to be live)


Try 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-3a9a89d2b:


Yes, this is better. This is probably the best way to do it unless you show last saved file and logging file separately.

unless you show last saved file and logging file separately.

Leaving aside the extra code and UI space required, once you’ve stepped forward in logging (or replaying a log) the save file will no longer be the most accurate representation of the current game state, so the value of showing the save name is much lower than showing that of the log.

So I think this is a reasonable place for it.