3.5.5 CrossRider.Gen7 being reported by Avira Anti Virus


I have been using Vassal for several versions and loving it. Unfortunately my Anti Virus (Avira, latest version and up to date) is reporting that ADWARE/CrossRider.Gen7 is in the Uninst.exe My anti virus software then uninstalls it.

This might be a false positive, or a genuine issue I am not sure.

Detail of what it thinks it has found: avira.com/en/support-threats-summary/2622

Kind Regards,

Andrew Rusling

It’s a false positive. Please report it to your AV vendor.

The likely reason AV software misidentifies our uninstaller is that it’s built using NSIS. Some malware also uses NSIS for its installer/uninstaller—which has nothing to do with it’s being malware and everything to do with the fact that NSIS is commonly used for installers/uninstallers for everything.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will see what I can do to report it. Cheers, Andrew