3.5.5 Piece Palette hides itself under the main map

I have a module, which shows behavior that I’ve not seen before. If I open a piece palette and drag a piece off it onto the main map, then Vassal repositions the palette so that it is under the main map. If I close the palette window and open it again, it shows up atop the main window, but as soon as I drag a piece off it again, back it goes under the main map.

I have many other modules that use the same layout, and it never happens there. Just in this one module. I stripped everything I could out of it to simplify, and it still happens. I tried everything I could think of the fix it including creating a new palette from scratch, but nothing worked except one thing. If in the editor I put the piece palette element below the main map one, then the problem stopped. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

The order of elements can make a difference in your editing tree. For example, If I want to control a set of player hands with a single menu button, I have to make sure the menu item is above the player maps in the tree. I don’t know if that’s still true as I figured that out a long time ago but I’ve continued the practice.

As you were describing your issue, component order was the first that came to mind and, as you pointed out, changing the order changed the behavior.

I have never experienced what you describe except in a few isolated cases. Piece traits? Yes. Order of components in the tree? No. In fact, I’m working on a new module right now that has an identical structure to my problem vmod, and it works as I expect and as every other vmod I’ve worked on. (And I’ve created many, many modules.) In general, I would say that the component order does not matter from my experience.

It appears that if you move the Game Piece Pallet Above the Main Map. The Game Pieces Window becomes separated from main module window. As a separate window it will be sent behind the active window.
This action happens under 3.5.5.

In general, yes, EXCEPT when moving dockable components like the Piece Window above the first (dockable) Map. It confuses the docking code and you get weird results.