3.5.8 crashes--startup and start new Logfile Linux/JDK16:

OS: Slackware current Linux
Memory: 16GB
VASSAL: 3.5.8
Module: Hellenes 1.0, A Most Dangerous Time 3.6

load Hellenes 1.0
Start new game offline (already selected)
select “next”
Select setup
select “431 BC”
select “next”
Join game on which side?
select “Athens”
New Session Beginning. Start new Logfile?
select “Yes”
module crashes (module selection still running)

This crash is repeatable and always happens.
JDK_16.0.1_linux-X64_bin.tar.gz md5sum checked and reinstalled.
Vassal 3.5.8 reinstalled.
Memtestx86 tested 16GB of RAM–no errors–4 passes.

see attached error logs:
hs_err_pid2157.txt (renamed Java .log file to .txt–“upload attachment” would not allow .log file extension)
errorLog-3.5.8.txt (renamed .txt–again, original file extenstion not allowed)

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information/help,

What you have here is the JVM crashing, not VASSAL. The first thing I’d do is try running with a different version of Java (anything from 11 onward should work).

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for any confusion. The line in the log “The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code” prompted me to post.

Thank you for the suggestion to run a different Java version. Before your post, I reverted to JDK-14.0.1 (my previous JDK) and 3.5.8 ran without problem.

Clearly, this shouldn’t be happening, right? Is this something I should bug report to Oracle?


“outside the Java Virtual Machine” can be in libraries the JVM uses, and whether the bug is in one of those libraries or in the way the JVM uses them is hard to tell without digging into what exactly the JVM is doing.

No, it should not be happening. Report it at the URL suggested in the crash dump (bugreport.java.com/bugreport/crash.jsp).

Understood. I will report the bug to Oracle.

In the interest of anyone who may read this post and have a similar problem with Oracle’s JDK16 in the near future, I compiled OpenJDK16-16.0.1 myself and Vassal 3.8.5 runs with no fatal error.


Oh! I’m sorry, I had not caught that you were using Oracle’s build! I would always, always recommend using OpenJDK instead, and one supplied by your Linux distro if possible.