3.6.6 Mat / Cargo maybe bug with Pivot

My first post here, so hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve just started playing around with VASSAL and the module editor. This may be because I don’t understand the trait ordering yet, but I’ve had some issues with mats / cargo and the Pivot trait. The mat pivots fine when I use the top left and right corners as the pivot point, but the cargo seems to be pivoting around a different point - it ends up off the mat. Facing is transferred correctly, but position isn’t. I’m using 3.6.6, Windows, downloaded straight from the main page yesterday.

I’ll have a look through the pivot and mat code, but I thought I’d post up in case it was known or I was doing something silly :slight_smile:

[Edit - seems to work for Fixed Angle pivot, but not free pivoting.]

Thank you,

Would you be able to upload a minimal test module showing the problem so we can see what you’re seeing? (Give us a link to something like Dropbox, Google Drive, or the like, so we can download it.)

Yeah, for sure. Hopefully this works:


Let me know if anything is incorrect, or I need to do more. I am very new to Vassal :smiley:
There should be a Mat with fixed Pivot that works correctly, and another with no fixed Pivot (the problem one). Thanks

Thanks for that excellent minimal example; it made finding the problem easy.

Please try VASSAL-3.6.7-SNAPSHOT-38e2c3a-fix_mat_free_pivot from our builds archive. Does that solve the problem for you?

(Also, note that you should have your rotate and pivot traits outside of your Mat trait if you want to rotate the mat and the cargo together. That wasn’t causing the problem you were seeing, but could cause other problems for you in the future.)

Ah, awesome - no worries, glad it was some help :smiley:

Yes, that is working perfectly now I think. Thank you heaps :smiley:

Ah cool, yeah I tried both inside and out just in case - but it’s good to know which is the correct way, thanks.

Thanks for testing. This fix will go out in 3.6.7 in a few weeks.