3.6.8 slow response

Re: The Greatest day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches (Grand Tactical Series)
Ever since the 3.6.8 upgrade, I (and others on online forums) have noticed that the largest campaign setup vsav files take so long for the graphics to refresh and maps to scroll, as to be no longer usable. The smaller scenario setups seem to be unaffected. Interestingly enough, another GTS module (The Devil’s Cauldron/Where Eagles Dare) does not seem to display any of these issues with the largest campaign setup files. Any solutions or explanations appreciated.

I have also noticed substantial performance degradation from 3.6.7 to 3.6.8 with a very large (2+GB between main and extensions) vmod I created for an unpublished game. It is taking from 4-10x longer to pan around the maps.

Same here. Large modules with many pieces on the map, that were fine in 3.6.7 are completely unusable to scroll the map or move pieces, in 3.6.8. Windows 64-bit x86.

I need specific examples—which modules—in order to troubleshoot.

As I mentioned in the initial post:
Open any of the 2 grand campaign setups (CA1 or CA2).
The very sluggish response with map scrolling and piece selection are new since 3.6.8.

@fumanpo Thanks. I’m already testing on that one. I need to know what the other people reporting this are using.

Please try VASSAL-3.6.9-6324839-aoe_bb_fix from our builds archive if you reported a problem with The Greatest Day module.

If you’re having a problem with some other module, I need to know what module it is to troubleshoot further.

That seems to have solved the issue with The Greatest Day module.
Thank you!