3-6 Player Twilight Imperium SE starting 11/6/11


I suppose I should start a new thread if I’m going to take this serious. Expect to play for more than two hours on November 6th if you want to join in.

Initial Setup:
Draw 2 Random Races, pick one
Draw 2 Random Preliminary Objective Cards, delete one
Draw 2 Special Obj after Prelim is done, delete one

Strategy Cards:
Diplomacy II
Trade II
Warfare II
Technology II
Imperial (Faster game, more rounds)

Special Rules:
Option 4: Race-Specific Technologies
Option 8: The Wormhole Nexus
Option 9: Facilities
Option 13: Custodians of Mecatol Rex
can modify with the players request.

All conversations should remain public on the forum. If you need to send a PM to someone, then you must state in the forum that you sent a PM to player. This is to simulate a real life board game environment.

I was originally planning on Saturday, but my local gaming group is scheduling an all day thing for that day. Instead we are starting up November 6th, 2011, Sunday afternoon PST. I will start setup around noon PST. I would expect you to show up during the setup. When we get three or more players, then we’ll just start the game around 30 minutes after setup. Expect to stick around after start up for about 2 hours. We need to make sure everyone can upload the logs, and do their turn, then post their logs properly. This also includes testing the dice tower.

If you plan on playing a live game will will not have any need for logs or a dice tower.

A live game takes 8-12 hours. I don’t think anybody would ever join a game that long. It’ll be PBF because it’s impossible to do a live game of IT3.

Its not impossible to play a live game of TI3, I have done it many times over vassal. Its actually a lot quicker. I have played 4 player games in 3 hours. You could start a game, have your players meet at a particular time, and then finish it another time.

I’ll move this to games in progress. Lets see if we can get it started.