3.7.4 Game Piece Layouts missing Font Styles

When opening/editing module in 3.7.4 the Game Piece Image Definition Font Styles are not being applied to pieces defined in Game Piece Layout. (It appears to be applying the ‘Default’ font)

Editing the module shows the Font Styles are still defined, but every Game Piece Layer Label and Text Box has a blank Font Style and the list is empty. Closing and restarting Vassal has the same behavior.

This worked correctly prior to upgrading to 3.7.4. Opening/editing the module in 3.7.3 shows the fonts correctly.

With what module can we see the problem?

I have reproduced the problem and opened an issue for i (Font Style drop-down in Game Piece Layouts contains no fonts · Issue #12846 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub).


I see Brent has beaten me to posting while I was generating modules and a step by step to reproduce the issue. Is there anything further you need me to provide?

No thanks, got everything I need. I know what the problem is and how to fix it. It’s affecting the custom colors as well.