A 3.3.1 problem I'm having (HUGE chatter)

Here’s a “new with 3.3.1” problem for me. My version of the “splitter problem” has always been that it wants to make the chatter huge. I had successfully corrected this in my custom class by forcing resize of the chatter to a “decent size” – and this was enacted via a Startup Global Key Command.

Now when I boot up my module in 3.3.1 I am confronted by the vast chasm of emptiness shown in the screenshot.

I’d been ignoring it because I thought “oh my custom class just isn’t working right with 3.3.1 yet I’ll get around to fixing it”. But today I have discovered that my custom class IS WORKING, it’s just that it’s being overridden by whatever new Vassal code was written to keep the splitter from taking up the whole screen or whatever.

In other words what happens is:
(1) Startup Global Key Command processes – sets splitter to a decent size
(2) Something in Vassal system code processes, and sets splitter to unwanted wrong size.

Can we possibly move the splitter-adjusting code so that it happens BEFORE Startup GCK’s get processed?

Alternatively can we have the default size be less vast? 160 pixels makes PLENTY of room for chat lines.



With a bit more digging in to what the splitter fix was, it appears it depends on Chatter.getPreferredSize() and apparently the Chatter “prefers” to be fucking ginormous.

On the good news side this means that (a) I can “fix” this for my modules in a class that I already override anyway and (b) I can update my proposed HTML Chatter to prefer a decent size.

On the bad news side it means that chatters are probably still “preferring” really inappropriate sizes on people’s monitors in 3.3.1. Just maybe not preferring the whole screen any more.

On the REALLY good news side it means more reasons to merge in the new chatter, coming soon ;-)


Pushed an update to the HTMLChatter PR – it now politely asks to be “about 10 lines high plus the height of the input bar”.