A couple odd things

I’m running on a window 10 system.

I have noticed two oddities in the editor that weren’t there before. I did not explore them fully as I have other things to do.

  1. Send-to-location trait, delete, and probably more. If I choose control-H as the keystroke, the “H” does not appear. It shows “CTRL-”. I don’t know if control-H is functional or not.

  2. If I add a “Game Piece Layers” element to a map, I cannot copy it so that I can paste it to another map. All I can do is move it. It is grayed out. This use to work.

This probably related to this change that @Cattlesquat put into V3.7.0:

  • 11919: Allow DEL/BACKSPACE to be mapped as a hotkey
    (It’s not, the behaviour is identical in v3.6.19, for me at least).

I notice in any such field (trait or component), that I see Ctrl+ when I press Ctrl+H, keeping it pressed. However, the “H” is added when I release the key. Is that not what you’re seeing @shilinski. If not, I’m using MacOS. What are you using? This is different from other control keystrokes, and probably a “feature” of being able to translate the backspace into a Vassal keystroke symbol.

Could this be an issue (or intentional) to do with this v3.7.1 change, @Brent_Easton ?

  • 12670: Prevent essential components being accidentally deleted

I’m using windows, and I add that this happens only with control h. It doesn’t happen with any other letter, at least for those I’ve tried. I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole on this because I’m working on a module. Maybe I’ll try to characterize it better when I return home.