A Distant Plain and other COIN games

Hello! I’m looking for another three players, do get some COIN series games going, especially my most favourite A Distant Plain, but I’d also be happy to do Fire in the Lake. Leave a message in this thread and please send me your email into private messages, so we can hopefully get something going at least PBEM. Online games would be nice too.

If there’s just one player, I’d also be happy to play Labyrinth: War on Terror with you.


Never played Distant Plain but own and am familiar with Fire in the Lake.

What timezone are you in? PST here.

Also interested in playing Labyrinth live sometime, but not sure how things are looking with being busy this year…!

Hi, I have another player writing me into PMs regarding a game of A Distant Plain, so we’re just one more player short of getting something started. Step up, step up, ladies and gentlemen!

I’m GMT +1, but if we’re going to do a PBEM, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Looks like I’ve managed to get into a PBEM game of this somewhere else so I will drop out.

Am sending someone for BGG to this thread though who was interested so hopefully they can be a third…
(boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/2003 … ember-2015)

Carygames, Me and Ben, we might be able to set up a PBEM game of A Distant Plain. Kindly confirm in this thread and state your preference for a side.

Here’s a dropbox where I will upload files once we take our sides:
dropbox.com/sh/jmlawfjq6s3b … H-xGa?dl=0

Not too familiar with the rules so if someone else is willing to lead the way I would not mind a seat at the table. I live in -5GMT time zone with most evenings, especially Wednesday and Thursday being the best nights.

Would PBEM be okay with you? Do you have a preference for a side in the game? Still looking for one more guy.

I’d be happy to play if you’re okay with a complete novice - I’ve played Andean Abyss and Cuba Libre before, so I have a basic knowledge of the COIN system and I can review the manual. I haven’t played a COIN game via PBEM before though.

Complete novice is fine. Regrettably Carygames is going to pass on the PBEM, so we’re looking for just one more player for A Distant Plain. We’re nearly there.

Are you sure a complete novice is OK? How about the other players? I just recently acquired the game, have read thru ~ half the rules. With more motivation I’m sure I’ll have them finished this weekend, and be ready to play. I do have some experience with Labyrinth, so I also have at least a small familiarity with the mechanics of ADP. I understand and expect game play will be quite different.

It’s always good to play out a couple rounds by oneself to get a good sense of the mechanics and maybe find out answers to some questions as they arise during the play. That said, a novice can always be corrected.

If you guys give me your emails into a PM, we can get an email convo going and keep it all in one place. Or write to me to greenalien.greenalien@gmail.com

Hi, I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a player, but I’d be up for a game. Played ADP once FtF, made some rules mistakes that I later found out about, never played using VASSAL PBEM.

I have no preference. Happy to play any.