A Distant Plain Friday Sunday

Got some play time in this week still concentrating on learning the rules. We are continuing a 2 Player game on Friday 2/27/15, 11a PST. Anybody is welcome to join in and take over a faction.

Sunday 1/1/15, 11a PST would like to start a new game, again anybody welcome.

Skype = lancerunolfsson

We got in a couple of good hours of play today. 4 players 1 observer. Looking forward to starting a new game on Sunday. Probably already have 3 players this is going to be approached largely as a learning game as well.

Learning Fire in The lake on Vassal and alone at home for the moment! But I want to buy and to learn (on vassal maybe) A distant Plain!
I will add you on skype and tell me if it is possible!

Well this Sunday was a bust. But hopefully next week Sunday 2/8/15 11a PST. Hopefully CrapuleScred above whom I chatted with can make it and we can get some other guys too.

Meant Sunday 3/8/15. Can’t figure out where the edit button is.

Friday moved to 10:a PST

Live Skype

We are going to be starting a new Distant Plain game Friday May 1 10 am US pacific time which is also a good evening start for Europeans around 7pm. We could use one more guy.

There is a current ongoing Distant plain game in its early stages Sunday 11 am US pacific time also a good evening start for Europeans. We can rotate one more guy in.

Thanks for your time

Hiya, I’d like to join the game if you still have a spot open.

PM with my Email sent

Starting a new game 10am PST on Friday the 15th. Need one more guy.

I think we have all our games full now. But watchers still welcome and may occasional join in for a day if a regular does not show