A Game of AIF/WIF at high level?

I’m French, living in France. Not so bad, neither good in English, but WIF expert with over 150 games. I’m ready to play any options axcept the light cruisers and convoys in flames.
I want to play live with Skype, come with your team if you’re affraid! :mrgreen:
If you’re ready for an AIF, for variety, it’s even better, but we should then limit the number of options to avoid a collapse of the system.

52 views! and still no one?
Is it a player’s forum?


I’m new to vassal and WIF but might be interested in a game. via PBEM …Why no CliF drop me a line and we can discuss it…John Lesko
BTW I am a very experienced gamer just not with WIF but would like to play vs an experienced player