A House Divided

Any interest in a PBEM game of AHD? I have only played the game a few times, but know Vassal reasonably well. I would like to use the advanced rules. I can probably do a few turns a week.


I am new to Vassell but AHD is one of my favourite games - are you still looking for a game if so are you still intrested ??

I should be able to do trns quite quickly.

Best Wishes


im new to the game but happy to give it a try
those turns would be fine for me

Dear Ozpom,

Thanks for your reply - I sounds good to me !

What side would you like to take?

I am familiar with the game but with Vassel I have downloaded the module which appears to be working ok - what is the next step ?

By the way I have the second edition of the game - do you want any of the advanced rules ?

Look forward to hearing from you.



i dont mind
you pick the side and any advanced rules
in vassel
start a game then a log file
it just records everything you do
then end the log file when its my turn and email it to me

andy (dot) stearman@ozemail.com.au

then i do the same



I’m also interested in this game.

I would like to play with optional and advanced rules. I have not played with vassal, only with cyberboard, but I think there will be no problem.

Please, if anyone is interested post here or send me an email.

I would like to play too but rather in sessions of a few turns at once.

There is so much interaction between players (think of the battles, who shoots on which target) and so short turns, that PbEM seems not appropriate.

I’ve played several pbem games, and it really works fine!