A Method to Re-Size the map Boards during Programming?

While the Game Editor is open, and I’m adding Hex Grids and Zones, and all that stuff, it would be awfully nice to be able to resize the map boards on screen while working on them, adding zones and hex grids. Currently the engine chooses some random size for boards and you’re stuck with that size throughout the build.

Note: This has nothing to do with the Zoom Capability that appears while a game is in play. I’m referring to the map editor and during build.


I think what it chooses is “100% pixel size”, always. I agree that I would find it quite convenient if I could zoom in and out.

It would also be nice if it kept track of the location of the last zone, because the next one will likely be adjacent. As it is, it continually returns to the upper left corner of the map.

AND it would be nice when you place a zone to be able to choose a line, its width, and color, and type (dashed, etc.) to be laid down outlining the Zone on the map.