A possible new game module

Can someone create a game module for Avalon Hills 1972 boardgame “Outdoor Survival” out there? I played it years ago but don’t have it any more and think
it would be a great addition to the other boardgames created for VASSAL.
Although not a wargame, it is a strategy game and various scenarios in it could be quite challenging. I, as well as some friends would be happy to play it again…

This seems to be a game that not many people enjoy. Haha.

Still interested in seeing a mod? Do you own the original? Do you enjoy playing it?

I’d be happy to try and implement. I’m looking to learn more about Vassal and I think creating a simple module would be a good idea in order for me to learn a bit more about Vassal!

There is a mod out there. Don’t know where I got it from, but if you want it, let me know.

Yeah, I would like it!

Thanks man. I’ll message you my email address.