A possible new game module

Can someone create a game module for Avalon Hills 1972 boardgame “Outdoor Survival” out there? I played it years ago but don’t have it any more and think
it would be a great addition to the other boardgames created for VASSAL.
Although not a wargame, it is a strategy game and various scenarios in it could be quite challenging. I, as well as some friends would be happy to play it again…


This seems to be a game that not many people enjoy. Haha.

Still interested in seeing a mod? Do you own the original? Do you enjoy playing it?

I’d be happy to try and implement. I’m looking to learn more about Vassal and I think creating a simple module would be a good idea in order for me to learn a bit more about Vassal!

There is a mod out there. Don’t know where I got it from, but if you want it, let me know.

Yeah, I would like it!

Thanks man. I’ll message you my email address.

Would also be very interessted in that module. Copies are hard to get in Europe.

Same for me mate.

It’s available on Tabletop Simulator though.

There is now a module in the library of Outdoor Survival - a game about wilderness skills.

This module includes

  • Implementation of all 6 official scenarios
  • Automatic resolution of Movement Abilities
  • Automatic resolution of Encounters (optional rule)
  • Easy tracking of Food, Water, and Life levels as well as sleep (or forage) turns
  • A tutorial
  • Embedded PDF of the rules of the game

The module is based on my Print’n’Play version of the game available from BoardGameGeek and GitLab.

A News bulletin should show up soon.




It has been announced

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Thank you very much for this and your other works, this looks like a very interesting project!

I couldn’t download the maps for outdoor survival though. The github links for both the A3 and A4 version are broken apparently.


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I’m glad you like this and the other works I did.

What I do is I make the Print’n’Play version first using LaTeX and my package wargame. As a side effect of this, I can relatively quickly generate a VASSAL module of the game. To fix things up nicely, I use the Python API I developed for VASSAL (pywargame) which allows me to add more complicated and automatised actions to the VASSAL module.

If you like to see how that’s done, take a look at the wargame tutorial.

My bad - I had the wrong base URL - try now - should be fixed.

You are most welcome.