A script to poll vassal's website for games and alert you?

My idea is to write a script that can refresh vassal engine’s website and search for keywords, then notify you by email or pop up message. What language should be used? Would it be hard to do?

game name = nightfighter
refresh/poll every 2 minutes (would this tax their servers too much)

It sounds easy enough but I have no clue how to do it. Anyone out there with some feedback to point me in the right direction?

This would help players who are interested in certain games when other players are online waiting.

I have no idea how to do this so if anyone can help or point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it

This would be to poll the server status page

Also see:

Thus spake charlescab:

This would be to poll the server status page

[1] vassalengine.org/status.php

Polling the server status page is an extremely inefficient way of
doing this. Much better would be to pull the data directly from the
game server. (This should be simple once we switch to using Jabber
for our game server.) You should also consider that polling every two
minutes and taking aciton based on that could be quite annoying for
users. (E.g., I don’t want to receive 30 emails per hour just because
someone is playing a game I’m interested in.)


Some games are especially difficult to find opponents for. The idea would be to have a script/client running looking for certain games and notifying me. The script could be turned off at any time.

I also enjoy watching and sharing vassal games. These early notifications would allow me to be alerted at the beginning of games enabling me to capture the game from the beginning which is often just a matter of luck right now