A Tip using Restrict Commands Trait

I added some restrict commands to limit access to a few ‘send to’ traits to only those counters on specific maps. Counters on any other map within the module would have all ‘send to’ traits hidden - there are lot of these maps spread throughout the module.

While I could enter a very long condition to apply the hide traits, I wanted something way simpler.

After thinking about this for some time I came up with:

  1. Use a calculated property to set a true/false depending on which current board/map a counter was on.
    ((CurrentBoard==“Americas CE” || CurrentBoard==“Americas AiF” || CurrentBoard==“Pacific”) ? (true) : (false))

2, The restrict command then tests whether the CP (name used being whichboard) for false and if so hides all the ‘send to’ traits.


Here’s another idea for shorter Restrict Command expressions, that recently dawned on me….

Set a Global Property at module level…. e,g,

notHere = true

Now, for each map where you want to allow the command,
set the same property to, in this example, false.

Now you can have a Restrict Command expression that will restrict the command to those locations,
In this example, {notHere}

You could apply at Zone level also, or some mixture of the two, which might offer a way to use this technique if you need to distinguish between multiple boards on the same map.


(CurrentBoard=~“Americas CE|Americas AiF|Pacific”)

…should work as a condensed form of the matching portion.