ADC2 conversion of SPIs Central Front Series

Just come to this site hoping to be able to upload a conversion of the ADC2 module for SPI’s Central Front Series that I made a few years back, but just seen that you can’t upload any SPI modules due to complaints from the current SPI copyright holders.

What a bummr !! :frowning:

Oh well - never mind. It looked great in Vassal.

Is there any chance this situation is going to change?

Just out of curiosity, is this a straight conversion via import into VASSAL or a conversion you did by hand. If it’s a straight conversion, you don’t have to post it anywhere, just direct people to the original ADC2 module.

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2009/7/25 BattlerBritain < (>

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It’s a straight conversion.

I did have to up the Vassal memory settings to 1600Mb though to import it.

The ADC2 module is at the SPI part of Nick Bell’s site at:

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to upload straight conversions. The ADC2 module is someone else’s work anyway, irrespective of whether you have the original publishers rights or not. If you upload a conversion of your own ADC2 module, that’s a different story.

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2009/7/26 BattlerBritain < (>

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Thus spake “BattlerBritain”:

Why is it that this guy is able to host modules for SPI games but we’re not?


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He appears to only host SPI games for which Decision Games doesn’t have a copyright. Looks like he’s limited in other ways, however–he doesn’t accept free modules from Avalanche Press, DG, MMP/The Gamers, GR/D, OSG, SPI/TSR, and any games designed by Steve Jackson.

Because Hexwar (supposedly) has the rights through DG to offer SPI game mods for live internet play for a fee. Hexwar objected to Vassal offering SPI games for download because Vassal is also a live internet client. ADC2 does not support live internet play and thus is not infringing on Hexwar’s claim. Rodney Kinney accepted Hexwar’s claim and does not allow SPI titles (except for a few limited ones) to be posted for download here at Vassal. Cyberboard can also offer SPI titles because, like ADC2, it too does not support live internet play.

All you need to do then is have both players play the imported ADC2 module. It is exactly for this type of thing that the importer was written. Although you are not permitted to post the converted module, you can still play it live as long as both players have converted the module with the same version of VASSAL (give or take).

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2009/7/26 Brigz < (>

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Exactly. You can play any SPI game live using Vassal. You just can’t post it for download.


I have just recieved permission from Decision Games/Christopher Cummins to post the Vassal module for ‘The Central Front Series’ up here at the Vassal site and at Limey Yank Games.

I will endeavour to upload them soonest.

Expect to hear from Hexwar or Rodney about this. :laughing:

Ok - I think I’m there :smiley:

I tried uploading the modules to the Vassal site but Rodney informs me that there’s a site file limit of ~10-12Mb, and the beast is ~16Mb.

So I’ve had to upload the files upto File Factory.

Links to the 2 modules I’ve done are: … cement.mod … cement.mod

I’ve had a quick stab at doing a wiki page for the Vassal site and given the links on that.

Read the page at … ont_series

Take note of the memory problems you’re going to get. But once you load it up the map should look great.

Now - how do I do the Submission mail to everyone saying it’s ready?

UPDATE v0.1: I’ve changed the v0.0 Base Layer.png file into a jpg for v0.1 and whilst the jpg is larger than the png file (making a larger download file) it seems to use less memory in the Vassal java exe and loads more reliably. It seems to use about 1.2Gb of RAM on startup. The display takes about 10secs to initially load the map and seems to redraw OK on pan.

Links to the Vassal mod files: … t_v01.vmod … t_v01.vmod

Note: 27Mb downloads each

I’ve updated the Vassal page as well at: … ont_series