ADC2 modules to VASSAL

I am converting some ADC2 modules that I made to VASSAL. Now, what do I do with them?

  1. Can these converted modules be posted on the VASSAL engine web site?
  2. If so, what parts of the ADC2 module need to be posted with the module?
  3. And, what and where are the elements of the VASSAL module stored on my computer?
  4. And, what elements of the module need to be sent and how are they to be sent? I see nothing with a “.mod” extension relating to the modules.

Can anyone direct me to where these answers can be found?

Dear Charles,

when you import an ADC Module it’s in the VASSAL module editor.

If you save iot from there, it’s complete (and you should give it a name “xxx.vmod”)
This one-file is than running under VASSAL (you don’t need anything from ADC to play).

If you have a game with different setups (e.g. 1939 campaign 1941 campaign), than ADC has one .ops - File per setup.
So you can only create (via the Import module) one setup per VASSAL module.

If you want to have both setups you have to create 2 VASSAL modules (that is at least how I understand it).

I don’t know if those modules should be saved on the website.

Hope that helps