ADC2 mondules

How does one go about using an ADC2 module for Vassel. Do you load the whole module into Vassel, or do you get the scenarios from the ADC2 program were it is currently? Ron

ADC2 modules currently can only be converted to VASSAL by scenario. One VASSAL module for each scenario.

This is rather inefficient because most ADC2 scenarios are built around a single map. When imported, the sum of the maps makes for a very large MB monster.

Often, ADC2 modules have a “Main” or Master" scenario from which individual scenarios are constructed. You could probably import this master and reconstruct the individual scenarios within that VASSAL module, if you understand using the VASSAL module editor. (I have absolutely no idea of how that editor works, I am an ADC2 person.)

Or, perhaps you can import the separate ADC2 modules and consolidate them someway. Again, I have no idea how this is done. VASSAL is written in a language foreign to a non-computer person.