Add Comment Fields to Components

It would be nice to have a comment field in every component, so a module designer could record notes about the component to aid in module building and maintenance.

When I learned programming in school, BASIC in high school and FORTRAN IV in college, I was encouraged to add copious comments in the code. I developed the habit of writing out a step by step description of intended program flow in the form of multiple comments before writing any code. Then for each comment I wrote the applicable code. It made writing code and debugging so much easier.

My work took me away from writing much code, and I never became an “expert” in any of the code languages I have used. It seems that the style of programming has changed dramatically. It seems that once you know how the VASSAL components work together the intended “program flow” for a module is not too difficult to see without designer comments. However, there are things designers want to do that require work arounds which may be difficult for another person to “see” why it was done. I think embedding copious comments is still quite useful. The fourth reply to this thread: indicates this.

Besides module maintainers benefitting, people new to VASSAL might be able to more quickly understand how it works if a designer included his intentions in comments. Such a module would almost be like a reference manual with examples.

Comments will be better supported in V4.

Thank you