Add map row to top or left side

When constructing a setup for a game, it would be very handy to be able to add a new board row at the top instead of only at the bottom, similarly add a new board column at the left instead of only at the right. Additional blank Filler boards have become available and I would like to add these spacer boards at the top or at the left of an existing board set but the options do no seem to be available. Currently, I must rebuild the setups from scratch and this may take many hours for a single setup because of the complexity of the counter information so I am unwilling to retrofit existing setups.

AFAIK, you cannot even add rows to the bottom (or columns to the right) of an existing setup. That’s because any existing setup is not visible in the editor and you always have to restart from scratch whatever change you want to do.

A revamped multiple map setup editor seems to be already in the list of features that will be in Vassal 4 (like a wish list for 3 years from now Santa, though :stuck_out_tongue: ) , see thread from 1-2 weeks ago (in Module Design section, I think).

In the meanwhile (i.e. Vassal 3.1-2) it would be nice to know if one can manually edit the buildfile to access exsiting multiple board setups and make changes directly there. Any clue anybody?

I have successfully added Filler boards by adding a new row and/or adding a new column so restart from scratch is not necessary when adding to bottom or adding to right. An interesting side note: Assume the existing layout has two boards in a single column (one above the other). I can add a new column and only populate the upper board position with a Filler board and not populate the lower position. Continuing, I can then add a new row and only populate the first position of the new row and not the position in the previously added column.


  • Board 1 + Filler 1 +
  • Board 2 + Not Used +
  • Filler 0 + Not Used +

This has worked successfully on multiple setups.

Yes, I have successfully left bottom right corner cells empty myself. Empty cells in any other position not reccomended.

The only difficulty I have found is that the board configuration tool does not remember the names of the Filler boards used and you can not determine the cropping down on the board so you have to remember what it was. This is particularly painful if you cropped a Filler board in both axis. The regular boards don’t display the current cropping but you can figure it out by looking at the layout and at least the board name shows up.

I bet you can!

You’re welcome,