Adding Help Menu files as png

The current Help Menu lets you add files as pdf, html, or plain text.
It would be nice to be able to add a Help file as png, similar to Charts and Tables.
Thank you.

FWIW, one significant downside of images is they can’t be copied, pasted, and (especially) searched.

Thus, IMHO an image is the absolute worst choice for a help file.

In my case, I am dealing with a 1 page summary chart of keystroke shortcuts, so search is not necessary. I have tried inserting it as a txt file, but I’m seeing weird effects of text tabbing, such that I’m losing the simple 3-column formatting I’m trying to achieve. I have it as a pdf right now which works fine, but some folks either don’t have Acrobat or don’t want Acrobat open on the side. I’ve seen other module designers bypass the Help menu and just insert their instructional blurbs as a png file on the top menu bar, so as to preserve the desired formatting. That was my original solution too, but I’m trying to shorten the top menu bar right bar for folks without widescreen monitors.

Text files inserted into the Help menu are interpreted as HTML, so you can format tables, lists, etc. using standard HTML. E.g.,

     <title>Keyboard short cuts</title>
         <td>Flip counter</td>

See for example the module Port Stanley, Battle for Moscow ch-1.0, and others by myself.

BTW, because the text files are interpreted as HTML is also why you see tabs collapsing to single spaces. If you really want to put in plain text, do

Your text, but be mindful of `<'

Ok thanks, I’ll check out those modules.