Adding more than one game pieces at once - RFE:1866684

Its not so important. But it would be useful when you drag game pieces onto the board if you could for example create 10 pieces at once. Perhaps a small counter on top of the pieces pallete (in game) and when you click it from 1 to3 you create not one but 3 pieces of the selected kind.

One easy work around is to give all pieces the “Clone” trait with a hotkey. You then drag a single piece to the map, select it, then hit the hotkey repeatedly. I think this works well enough to avoid the need to add extra functionality.

Having said that, it would really be useful if you could shift-select counters from the piece palette then drag all to the map in one go. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to drag individual unique counters from the palette to the map over and over when setting up a game!

Thus spake “bsmith”:

Adding shitf-select and ctrl-select to the piece palette wouldn’t be
that hard, it just takes someone to do it.


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An even better idea would be to have a Build section, where you drag your units (or even cards for a ccg) into the screen, then save it.
That way you can just open up your pre-built army!

On Jan 8, 2008, at 12:32 PM, Briggs wrote:

Isn’t that what a saved game gives you already?
Or at-start stacks?

How would/should this differ from just dragging things to the map and
then saving?

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I think what he means is something one step below a Saved Game.

Imagine this scenario:

You and I link up online for some RT miniatures gaming. We load the module and the maps and then we each independently load our personal, hand-picked armies from our own computers into the game.

This would function similarly to a savefile in that it would be a static file you could make at any time and save to your PC, but it would load into the game as a deck of cards, or a counter palette, or something like that.

So yes, not the same as a Saved Game, and I could see it being useful for some… perhaps not enough to make it a priority for addition to the code though…

yep, that’s what I mean :smiley:

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On 8/01/2008 at 5:26 PM Shad wrote:

This functionality is already there to save and load Deck’s independently of saved games. This was added to support deck building in CCG’s. This should work for you if you can implement your Army Setups as Decks.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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I couldn’t find this when I wanted to put my ccg on vassal…
Where abouts is it?

Can you tell me how to find or use it?

Because with the saving method you cant get your ,personally" counters to a new game.

To use the Deck Saving/Loading feature:

Step 1: In the module, the Deck must have the option Can be saved-to/loaded-from a file? turned on.

Step 2: While playing a game, right-click on the Deck from step 1 and there will now be Save and Load commands that enable you to save the current contents of the Deck to a file, or to replace the current Deck with a previously save Deck from a file.

eh, not exactly what I had in mind :wink:

I was thinking more like what you see in (dare I say?) professional, online collectible games … uilder.jpg