Adding pictures for pieces/cards

Hi, just a small bug, but when adding images for pieces or cards, if you double-click on a file in the file select window that happens to be over the same space as the picture preview window in the basic piece trait properties (where you can also double-click to open the file selector), the double-click seems to carry over to the basic piece properties preview image, and it instantly brings up the file selector again. This is especially problematic when changing a photo of a piece/card.

Thus spake “Molokai”:

I can’t reproduce this.


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I get it all the time.

It might be a Windows thing. The Double-click does not seem to be consumed by the File Chooser, but is transmitted through to the GamePiece Dialog underneath, which re-invokes the File Chooser.

I will try and track it down.


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On 16/11/2008 at 8:37 PM Joel Uckelman wrote:

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Not sure its windows as it does not occur for me

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