Adding scenarios to Memoir '44 scenario chooser

Hi, first time poster here! Glad to be on board.

I need some help, can’t figure this one out. I’ve played a few games, and wanted to create some scenarios for me and my friends to play, and for ease of access I’d like to add them to the existing scenarios extension so I can install them later as well if I manage to delete the existing saves or something.

But, I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I open up Vassal, then click on the “arrow” to see extension under the module, then right-click the extension-> edit extension. So far, so good. Now, there are A LOT of folders just titled with scenario name, then brackets after the name indicating they’re [Memoir '44 Scenario]. I can right-click any of these, and there’s a button that says “Add Memoir '44 Scenario”, but if I press that, it will be placed INSIDE the folder I right-clicked instead of being it’s own folder like every other scenario. In addition to this, I don’t understand how you actually link the .vsav to the “scenario” either.

I figured it might be a pre-defined setup, which I could also add by right-clicking the main module, and it would get placed in the right folder, I could choose the .vsav etc. BUT, this one is not then found under the Choose scenario, but rather a new button below Choose scenario and New scenario.

I’m probably missing something really obvious here, any help would be welcome :smiley:

Have you tried contacting the module creator?

The Memoir '44 Scenario is a custom Java class based on pre-defined scenario setups. Custom class entries are not added like standard VASSAL entities since the VASSAL editor won’t know about them. The easiest way is to edit the build file inside the vext directly with a text editor, and copy/paste the XML for another scenario to modify it for the one you want to add.