Adjusting zoom area in Battlestar Galactica

Hopefully this question makes sense. On the Battlestar Galactica module, as I zoom in, scroll bars pop up so I can scroll to see the entire board. I’m not sure if everyone plays this way, but the groups I play with also have some things off to the right side of the board area. Things such as our character and title cards, miracle tokens, and revealed cylon cards as a way to easily reference that information. But, it is outside the board space area, so I can’t scroll that far over if I’m zoomed in and have the game board taking up the whole screen. Is there a way to adjust how the “play area” to allow me to scroll further to the right (or any direction)? so I can see past the board space while zoomed in? I can always just zoom out, but it’s extra steps that I’d rather not have take if it’s not necessary.