Advanced Heroquest 3.0

This portal:

has been created to propose a renewed and corrected version of the board game Advanced Heroquest, published on 1989 just after the glorious Heroquest and before Warhammer Quest. In our opinion Advanced Heroquest combined the immediate appeal of Heroquest with expanded random elements and gameplay deepness, without reaching the complexity and the Role-Play inspiration of Warhammer Quest. The game has been designed for a cards decks based experience, and all the complicated tables of the original game have been replaced with immediate cards-picking and dice-rolling dynamics.

With few clicks you can organize your own adventures on this renewed Advanced Heroquest. The material shared on this portal can be used for single matches and, more properly, to organize a community game Campagin, in which different Guilds, founded by players with their Heroes, compete for the ultimate game objective: gather, invest and amount huge quantities of gold Crowns!

This is the first public version of the Vassal Engine AHQ3.0 module, including all the basic component, the huge amount of cards, tokens and tilesets to start playing your campaign together with a set of basic Heroes and the model to customize Hero Cards and Hero Tokens. Further fixes will follow and the work on Addon Packs has just started :slight_smile: All the artworks are original, no scanned material included, so any copyright issue is avoided.

AHQ3.0 version 0.5 Main Module - 19/01/2015 139 mb.

Here is a quick Setup Guide to start your adventure in the Vassal AHQ3.0 Module:

  1. Setup player (or players) party: each Party is indicated by a number (1, 2, 3, 4): put in the proper space the Heroes Cards, Trait, Skills, Equipment (Weapons, Armours, Equipment), a Crown Token set on 0, any other Tokens (Torches, Oil etc.) and Spells Cards. Use the empty slots with Henchman cards, if necessary:

Heroes Cards are placed in Miniatures section, while all the other Cards are in the Cards section, Spells and Prayers in their relative section:

  1. Select or draw an Objective Card: if it has been pre-determined by your campaign or your game group decision just pick it from Cards section, if not open the GM Decks button on the right side of the Controls: shuffle and draw a card from the Objective Cards deck:

an now place it in the Game Cards, with the proper button:

in its proper place:

this card will determinate how to build your Game Decks: go back to GM Decks and select:

a. The monster decks indicated by the Objective Card for Wandering Monsters and Dens.
b. The Traps, the Treasure, the Potions, the Magical Treasures: right click on the deck and choose the option “Select as … Deck”:

this will result in the Game Cards window “populated” by the proper Decks:

  1. Now it’s time to build the Rooms Deck: the Objective Card indicates how many room Cards you have to put in the deck, more than the Objective Room itself. So Open again GM Decks window and go to the bottom-right zone: shuffle the Objective Rooms deck on the right of the Deck Creation and move a single card in the Deck Creation. Then Shuffle the Standard Rooms on the left and move the number of cards indicated in the Objective Card (15, 20, 25 etc.). You have created your Rooms Deck: right click, choosing “Select as Rooms Deck”:

It will appear in the Game Cards window: shuffle it before starting your game and remember the rule that at least 8 Rooms Cards have to been drawn before the Objective Room.

  1. Everything is ready to start now, go in the Tileset and select the tileset indicated by the Objective Card:

Each Tileset has a “Startup” piece, that is how every dungeon starts: stairs, passage and T junction:

Open the MAP LVL1 (Map Level 1):

and place it in the center of the map:

  1. Now places the Heroes and the Mercenaries from the Miniatures tab in the starting squares of the Stairs and start your adventure:

You have finished, remember that GM Inventory can be accessed with proper button:

and here the GM will place the Dungeon cards picked during the game. When you have to discard Dungeon Cards and Room Cards drawn use the proper decks space. All the other Cards have to be sent again in their deck after the draw, applying a new Shuffle.