Afrika II opponent wanted

I am looking for a PBEM opponent for Afrika II.

I propose that we simply upload our moves here in this forum. So reply right here if you are interested.


Still looking for an email opponent? I am newbie to Vassal though.

I’m in the middle of a game now and it is going nicely. I’m still learning the rules, and I’m new to vassal also.

I’d like to let my current game progress a bit before I pick up a game with you, but yes I’m interested.

Have you played Afrika II before or will this be the first time?


Hi! I have played it a little with my son. Fairly familiar with SCS. I’ve also played DAK…Afrika II’s Daddy! lol

I’m playing Jim at the moment, it’s great fun. Note for Axis players:
Garrison your supply points and firm up your front-line; Don’t leave
holes! :slight_smile:

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Fear the LRDG!!!

Great fun. I look forward to many more games.


Here is a screen capture of our game at the end of turn 5.

The Axis player is in pretty bad shape at this point. No supply and not much hope of relief.

The situation changed rapidly after the Commonwealth LRDG unit attacked some ungarrisoned Axis supplies. That’s what Ben was referring to. It took a couple of turns for the full effect to be felt, but the end result was the Commonwealth player was able to run around the Axis units and take both ports.

This game is very impressive. I solo’ed it a bit before playing Ben and didn’t really “get” it. There is a lot more going on here than the movement of counters and computing odds ratios.

Obviously, the majority of the conflict will take place along the main coastal road, but a well-supplied side can make end runs around the opposition. If the other player’s units become unsupplied, this gets even easier. In fact, in our game so far most of the battle has been over supply. Except for a few skirmishes there hasn’t been any need for combat. It’s all about the positioning.

I’m very impressed with the product and also with Vassal.


It looks great…my $1 is on the table for next game – Still gotta learn how to use Vassal though…

Feel free to pick a side and get started. I might not be able to reply to your first move for a couple of days.

Since you are waiting on me, I highly recommend that you solo the game. Even though it is a simple game there are a lot of little rules that come into play.

Of course, nothing will help you learn faster than actually playing, and I have no trouble helping you out at first.


Jim - if you can place the 2 CW free set-up units I can make an Axis move in the Italian Invasion…


I choose hex 56.18. Go for it!


Hi Jim - I made a Turn 1 move for Axis - not sure how i ‘share’ it! Attach the file?

I don’t know if that is allowed here, but let’s try doing it that way and see how it works for us.


having trouble attaching the file - the example says to call it a log file which is not an allowable extension in this interface.

Send me an email at this address and I can send you the file…