Afrika Korps AFK-2.3

I’m about to play for the first time on Vassal with a friend. It is his first time also. I have loaded the module AFK-2.3.

When I open the module I am told it possesses obsolete custom code.

Have you contacted the module’s maintainers about this?

The maintainers for the module are listed on the module page: Module:Afrika Korps - Vassal

You’ll see email address links if you’re logged in.

I had trouble finding my way back to this forum.
I think I did as you suggested.


The module file AFK-2.3.vmod contains custom Java code to map hexes to the old-style AH diagonal numbering. The warning you see is because this code is built against an older version of VASSAL (3.2? is my guess). It may not work as intended, but the effect will “only” be that hex coordinates are reported incorrectly in the chat window (VLOG and VSAV files uses the pixel coordinates - not the grid coordinates).

That said, I would suggest you use the module file AfrikaKorps-2.0-ch.vmod which is newer, or if you prefer ol’school colours AfrikaKorps-2.0-ch-oldschool.vmod - both by yours truly. This module version has a number of features you may like, including

  • A tutorial (not fully up to date with 2.0)
  • Includes the rules (via Help menu) as a PDF (rewritten and with more illustrations)
  • Battle markers
    • Automatic odds calculations and markers (select attackers and defenders and press Ctrl-X)
    • Automatic battle resolution and markers (select battle marker and press Ctrl-Y)
  • Automated actions on turn and phase change (use the turn tracker - press Alt-T to go to the next phase)
  • Reminders for player actions (message in chat window on phase change)
  • Automatic victory markers (isolation semi-automatically handled)

The module also uses a custom Java component to make the AH diagonal numbering, but the source code is available at GitLab so that it can be kept up-to-date by anyone. You can also find the most up-to-date module at GitLab - for example, the newest “ol’school” version uses the original colours (more or less) for the board too.


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