Aggregate right-click menu for stacks

I’m not sure what else to title this. Let’s say I have two counters that stack, which have different traits exposed via hotkeys and right-click menus.

Counter A has a layer called “Layer A” with a hot-key of CTRL-A
Counter B has a layer called “Layer B” with a hot-key of CTRL-B

When selecting the the stack, hot keys are sent to ALL the counters in the stack. So I can effect anything that supports CTRL-B by pressing that key combo. However, if I right-click on the stack, I am presented only with the valid options for whatever piece happens to be on top. So there is a disconnect between what actions are possible for a given stack, and what options are displayed in the right-click menu.

While I realize there are some potential issues with this request, I think it would be a VERY useful feature to have a trait that allows a menu items of counters below in a stack to “bleed through”. So that when you click on the stack, and aggregate view of the available options is shown.

A common use of this would be a situation when you drop a marker on top of a unit it signify something (i know layers can do the same thing, but there are times when a marker is preferred). At that point, the right-click menu for the unit becomes useless (unless that marker also implements all the same menu items).

This is a great idea that makes a lot of sense.


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I would also like to see this feature being added.
It would be very useful.


Here’s the discussion so far in Tech Speak that could be used as a spec to program this sucker:

  • A new counter trait that can be added to a specific target counter.

  • It activates when a right-click menu is generated for the target counter.

  • It’s effect is to:-

A) Examine the list of Key Commands generated for the target

B) Examine the list of Key Commands generated by other counters currently selected (as opposed to other counters in the same stack - Should there be an option to limit the effect to only counters in the same stack? Or the immediate counter underneath?)

C) Add any Key Commands from list B to list A that have a non-blank menu command and whose Control Key is not used by any command in List A (Even if the target Key Command does not appear on the menu).

Does that sound right?


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On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Brent Easton wrote:

Excellent. When will that be ready :smiley:

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Thus spake “Jayraider”:

I was thinking last night about what this should look like.
Something worth trying would be to scale down the tokens
to 16x16 and display them as icons next to the menu items
which apply to them.


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I just imagined that the additional Key Commands would be appended to the bottom of the standard right-click menu. I think that was the original intention?


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That would get messy if a particular command applied to 9 out of 10 counters.

  • M.

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