AH and SPI "Classics"

[size=150][size=200][/size][/size][size=150]Looking for Waterloo and Stalingrad pbem vassal opponents[/size]Also, would love to try my hand at Winter War but I would need a copy of the rules. Fast or slow play,either is fine. Brian Britton sydsid7@yahoo.com


I’m looking for player of Panzergruppe Guderian a SPI game. Tell me if you want to play it.

Best regards


I would have an interest in playing both AH classics and Strategy and Tactics 5-100.


Winter War, nice game.

Hi Craig.

As for AH classics, just send me a list of the games you would like to play, and I will see if there is one I own and I wont to play.

As for S&T 5 - 100, unfortunately there is a big problem.

Just look at this :


In any event, I’m working on a Vassal module for S&T 25 Centurion Game for my personal use.

When it will be finished, I will upload the module elsewhere, due to the actual restrictions caused by Decision Games politics about Vassal modules for old SPI games.

If you are interested in this module, I will let you know when it will be ready.

Moreover, if there is a S&T game you would like to play using Vassal, just let me know and, if I own it , maybe I could made a Vassal module (this will take a long time, however).





Note that Decision Games which owns the copyright to most of Simulations Publications games is now accepting Vassal modules: