AH Bull Run, TRC, or Blitzkrieg

Been gone for a while, May need some help getting things right. Prefer PBEM, but willing to try live. I live in CTZ, USA

email address: cgmclellan2000 at gmail dot com.

If you are still looking for a PBEM, I can do a game of TRC for Blitzkrieg. Contact me at mokbuck@hotmail.com


I would like to PBEM Blitzkrieg. What version are you interested in?

Charles McLellan
2000 Roundleaf Green
Huntsville, AL 35903


Did you get my email I sent on the versions (I have botht eh 65 and 75)?


No, I did not receive your email on versions.

I think the Basic 75 version is best. I have not played for years. The basic 65 version usually ends in stalemate. The 75 Basic version is all right. I had put several modules for Blitzkrieg on VASSAL’s Module Page, but it looks like they are all gone now. With the modules, I had also put all the rules and all the articles subsequent to the 1975 edition.

I gave all my games and game material away several years ago. So, first I will have to find a copy of the rules. Maybe they are still on BGG. Somebody uploaded them from the VASSAL page a long time ago.

I believe that the Basic game was pretty good although without most air (only the paratroops, if I remember) and no naval the game lacks depth. Still it is short and interesting.

How does that sound to you?

Maybe add optional and tournament stuff later.


Just to recap:

  • Use 75 version
  • No optional/advance rules
  • Playing the basic game

Couple of other questions:

  1. What Vassal module should I use for our game?
  2. Do you have a choice for side?
  3. Do you want to use Vassal for die rolls or something else like ACTS?

Looking forward to our game.


Your recap is good.


I checked VASSAL’s Modules webpage. The other day, I couldn’t find any of my old modules, but for some reason I could find them today.(?)

There is a “Blitzkrieg Basic Game.vmod” version 1.1 on VASSAL’s Modules web page that should be usable. It is rather old. I have found a later version, 1.2, in some old backup files of mine, but I have no idea as to the difference; so it might be best to use the 1.1 version that is posted.

[I was never very good at saving backup stuff, so nothing over the last few years got saved before my computer died.]

This module was just an imported (converted) file from my ADC2 games. I made quite a few modules on ADC2 and imported a bunch to VASSAL. VASSAL has changed quite a bit since I last played. I hope that won’t cause much difficulty.

I found the rules on the web page also.


I have no preference.

The units in the module are placed on the map.

Blue sets-up first, and Blue can move those units to the new starting positions (or remove some to enter later, if desired). So, if you want to play Blue, just set them up and return the file.

If you want to play Red, let me know and I’ll set up.


Is that still around?

I used to have an account with them. I’ll see if I can locate the UN and PW; if not, I’ll start a new account.

I don’t care which die roller we use. Take your pick.

Thanks, Charles

Ok, I will be red and we will use the vassal itself for die rolls.

Looking forward to our game.

Ok, I’ll send a set-up tonight.

Thanks, Charles

Hi, Not sure if we can do this PBEM through VASSAL, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I am attaching the Blue Set-up. If this doesn’t work, my email address is: cgmclellan2000 at gmail dot com.

I am just going with the unit set-up in the module. This is a very basic game. Not much finesse, just run and smash.

It is usable only because it is short and a decent introduction. And, I need an introduction because I haven’t played this since the 1980’s.

Thanks, Charles

(Attachment BLZBlue00.vlog is missing)

I didn’t realize until I was sending my game turn (set-up) that the exchanges were going through VASSAL. I tried to send the file through VASSAL’s communication system, but it failed.

I see that previously you sent me your email address, so I wll use that to send this file and all files in the future.