AH Flight Leader

If anyone is interested in a multiplyer PBeM game of Flight Leader, please either PM me or post here. I know 3 to 4 active players who are interested in a multiplayer PBeM game.

Also if there are any AHIKS members here, I am trying to revive and Game Master a FL game on the AHIKS forum. VASSAL logs will parallel the forum game so anyone/everyone can easily view the game as it progresses.

I am still working toward online play via the VASSAL server. It will probably be mid-2012 before my schedule permits that.


If you have the patience to deal with a novice player, I’m up for it. I’ve owned this game since the late 80’s, but only played it a couple of times (as interested opponents were hard to find). Its been years since I last played, and so I basically have to start from scratch on learning the rules.

I’ve played other PBeM games on VASSAL. So, I at least know how to do that.

If you’d rather have experienced players, I completely understand. I would, however like to follow the action.


Any and all experience levels are welcome, Todd. The players currently involved all have varying FL experience, have only started back playing it in the last seven months, and were actually VASSAL noobs when we started to use VASSAL for PBeM.

Our games so far have been only two-player, against one and other. While a couple of us have worked up to Advanced Games, I am thinking our first multiplayer game should be a Basic Game to help us sort out the multiplayer logistics and issues.

I will drop you a PM with my email address.


Bump to see if anyone else might be interested in a multiplayer PBeM game of Flight Leader?