AH Gunslinger pbem

I am getting a group together for GSL by email. This will be a moderated game through a forum/direct email. Turns will be M-W-F with deadlines at 4pm EDT. Rules sections I-IV will be used. I do not anticipate using any optional rules unless we end up with a showdown that requires them. The system I will use is a slightly modified version of the Gunslinger pbm system published in the General Vol. 22, No. 1. All rules, including the original AH rules, the pbm system from the General, “house rules” for the forum and a sample turn resolution will be provided.

We currently have 4 players, need 3 more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Any experience level is fine. Two of the four we have played the game for the first time with us. The other two hadn’t played in quite some time. I’m happy to help new players or even rusty players with rules questions and system questions.

This will be an ongoing group. We have already played two games but several players had to drop out for various reasons. However, I am not looking for long term commitments. If I get more than the needed responses, I will keep a list of replacements should someone drop out.

We are looking to start as soon as possible.