AH's Third Reich

Have not played 3r in years - would like to find an opponent to relearn the game with. Anyone interested ?

I am interested. Play by email with vlog file?
I live in Florida EST.

You can reach me at bond007jlv@gmail.com

I would be interested in playing Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. My box says I have the New 3rd edition with the revised mapboard, rules, and scenario cards. I don’t know if that makes a difference if we are using VASSAL. My email is first name dot last name at imaginecommunications.com.

Alan Schmuck
aschmuck at imaginecommunications.com

This is an old post but I’d be interested. Email is david@davidnygaard.com

sure david - im on vacation now - in a week ? what rules do you have ?

I’ve got several versions of the game- I’m thinking 3rd edition but I’ll check. Yes a week would be great. Email is david@davidnygaard.com cell is 757-778-1496