Air Assault on Crete "Retire" issues

I have been playing “Air Assault on Crete” on VASSAL, and for some reason I am now locked out from being able to “retire” from the Axis and switch to the Allies. It seems to have locked me into being Axis only. Since I am playing solitaire, I need to play both sides. I have gotten along fine until the Turn 6, and then it seemed to go haywire.

Can you point me as to where I might be able to find help?


What happens when you try to retire? Is the button not there? Is ‘Axis’ the only available side listed?


Well, for the first five turns, it let me toggle between the two players. But for some reason, now that I have reached Turn 6, it only lets me choose “Axis” and the “Allied” selection is no longer available in the drop-down box.

I don’t ever play this way, so this is a shot in the dark, but did you at any point become an observer? Did you close the game at any point? Are you able to reproduce this behavior?


Yeah, I think I might have clicked on “observer” by mistake. Once that happens, does it permanently prevent me from being a player again? Is there an “undo” for that?

There is a problem with the ‘Become Observer’ button in online games, and I thought perhaps it could be reproduced if you were to, say, ‘Become Observer’, save, quit, and reload the game. It was a long shot, and I can’t personally reproduce this. Unfortunately I don’t believe there is any way to unlock the other side - however, you could try this:

  1. Change your password while your game is open
  2. Save the game
  3. File → Close Game
  4. Change your password back to the original one
  5. Load the saved game
  6. You may now be able to join as ‘Allied’ - but not ‘Axis’. Join ‘Allied’.
  7. Retire, and click ‘Join another side’, ‘’
8) Save the game
  1. Close the game
  2. Change password to your new one
  3. Load the save game
  4. Both sides available? Maybe?