Air Power Gamers and Mentors wanted


I am new to VASSAL, but am very happy with what I have seen and done so far. Right now I am learning The Speed of Heat (aka Air Power) and am always looking for new victims, I mean I am looking to put together an Air Combat group for campaign and/or tournament play, so if you would be interested, please email me at and I’ll get back to when I can.

Meanwhile, I’d like help updating the Airpower module. I am quite willing to do the work, but a tutor and mentor to get me started and to answer questions as I run into problems would be extremely helpful.

Eventually I’d like to expand to other games I also own but have not played in 20 years. Back in the ‘80s I started to collect wargames by Victory Games Inc. I have: Pacific War, Gulf Strike, NATO the Next War in Europe, Hell’s Highway, The Civil War, 2nd Fleet, 3rd Fleet, 6th, Vietnam 1965 - 1975, Central America, Flash Point Golan, France 1944, and 1809 Napolean’s Danube Campaign. Of the non-“Victory Games” games I have: Fortress Europa (my first wargame), Sinai, Third Reich, Guns of August, FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, Car Wars, Axis and Allies, Air Assault on Crete, Panzer Armee Afrika, Storm over Arnheim, Imperium Romanum II, and Battle Tech

After I get Air Power (The Speed of Heat) module updated and I’d like to expand into other VASSAL modules I have been eyeing, especially…


2nd Fleet

Civil War (Victory Games/TAHGC)

Fortress Europa (TAHGC)

Guns of August (TAHGC)

Thank You