Allow default zoom level to be "Fit Visible"

The more I use VASSAL, the more I wish I could set the default zoom level for some windows to “Fit Visible”, as it’s the first thing I do after opening those boards!

Do you mean set it as the module designer?

That was what I meant, yes, but now that I think about it more, it would be even better if VASSAL remembered the last used zoom level for each window, just like it (sort of) remembers their positions.

(By sort of, I mean it seems to have trouble remembering the position of any window I didn’t leave on my primary monitor; it may be a problem with the negative x coordinates of anything on my secondary monitor, since it’s to the left of the primary.)

I second this request. More precisely, I would like to be able to set “fit visible” as default at module editor level, but have it switch to last used zoom level at run time (if changed at all).