Ambush! Event Markers

Hello All,
I can’t remove Event markers…seems it is an old problem. Tried this:

In the Module Library screen right click on Ambush → Edit Module
Open the “Playing Surface [Map Window]” folder
Double click “Remove Event Markers [Global Key Command]”
In the “Matching properties:” box, enter: PieceID=26
Click OK
Save the Module

Nothing happened the event markers and counter remained in place.
Deleted the mod and back to square one. What am I doing incorrectly?
The expression builder modified the line to {PieceID==26}

Vassal Version 3.2.15, Ambush module 1.1

PieceID should be PieceId


Thanks for your advise.
I fixed in my Ambush module.
Thanks a lot.
Now we will need put in the Ambush module the maps C,D,E,F for the other expansions.

Yes that would be great!!

Thanks for this fix. Had stopped trying to use this module because of this issue.