Andean Abyss module Keyboard Short

I’ve spotted a few keyboard shortcuts when Right clicking, but is there a list of all Module Keyboard Shortcuts?

Clicking on a population “pip” (number), you can

  • CTRL+1 Train Troops
  • CTRL+2 Train Police
  • CTRL+3 Rally FARC
  • CTRL+4 Rally AUC
  • CTRL+5 Rally Cartels
  • CTRL+S Sabotage marker (on LoC)
  • CTRL+T Terror marker
  • CTRL+G Place Govt Control marker
  • CTRL+F Place FARC Control Marker
  • CTRL+Z Place FARC Zone marker
  • CTRL+P Place white pawn
  • CTRL+SHIFT+P Place black pawn

Click on other pieces, you can:

  • CTRL+A Make guerrilla (in)Active
  • CTRL+D Delete a pawn
  • CTRL+C Clone a pawn
  • CTRL+R Return piece to Available Forces