Annoying "module" tag in front of all the game titles

Seeing as nearly every, single of the entries in the game catalog starts with the word “module”, that makes it a lot more problematic looking through game titles than it really needs to be. If the tag “module” is really necessary, wouldn’t it make more sense to put it at the end of the game title (such as in parentheses), so we could all read those titles without having to filter through the fact that everything starts with M?

Yes, but we can’t—that’s not how namespaces in Mediawik work.

This will be fixed when we stop using the wiki for storing modules. I’m working on the replacement presently. This will be the first part of V4 to go live.

Also, if you spot any which don’t, please let us know, as that’s a mistake we’d like to correct—those modules could be missed from the migration to the new system otherwise.

I don’t understand the OP’s point.
If I want to find the module for “Fortress Europa”, for example, I simpy click on “F” in the alphabetical listing, which takes to all game titles beginning with that letter. The fact that they all have the word “Module” in front of them makes no difference, it still shows all titles beginning with “F”.
There’s the issue of all the game titles that begin with the word “The” being listed under the letter “T”, but I don’t think that’s what the OP is referring to.
What am I missing in regard to this thread?