Another burning question...

Hi. I am trying to add some info charts to the main button bar along the top of the screen where the die roll buttons, zoom and turn button are located. I can’t seem to find the info in the Designer’s Manual. I need a button that opens a window to display ACTION COST and COMBAT MODIFIERS - to appear when the button is clicked and disappear when clicked on again. I am going to look at some other modules and see if I can tell how the authors have done this. Wish me luck.

Reading the Designer’s Manual on the subject of creating charts. The section on page 85 “Creating a charts window” tells me to “ADD CHARTS” to the MODULE node. I can’t see that option. Maybe I am confused as to what and where the MODULE node is…

Star Smuggler uses a LOT of charts…under the Rules and Events Chart Window, see R233 through R242. The rest of them are HTML charts, which while helpful might not apply specifically to your case. Again, it’s a mod I designed, and again I don’t mind if you take a peek under the hood.

The Module Node it’s referring to in this case is whatever you named your Charts Window Menu, and Add Chart is one of the options that comes up when you right click on said menu.

DLing Star Smuggler right now. I will look at what you have done and see if I can figure it out. Thanks again.

I finally found the ADD CHART option. Sometimes these old eyes have trouble with tiny type. I am rolling right along with the “game” parts of the project.

This is an ALIEN/INTRUDER type of game with many many aliens threatening to overrun the ship and the small crew of 10. The race is on for the crew to find the QUEEN, come up with a way to overpower her extremely powerful guards and kill her. The science, tech and medical officers must complete mini-quests while the crew and Marines protect them from the ever increasing number of alien warriors. I plan to offer enough randomness to provide a fresh play experience in new gameplays.