Another Vassal newbie

Having just discovered Vassal I am keen to try out the system by playing some of my favourite games pbem. I have been playing wargames for over 30 years but not very much in the last 10. being completely new to Vassal you may need to be patient…

games I would like to play are:
Air force/Dauntless
Civil war
El Grande
Flat top
Victory in the Pacific

Any offers gratefully received,


hello Bryjones and wellcomed!
I am a old wargamer (25 years playing), and i am really interested to play pbem with vassal (it is my favourite software to play boardgames). From your list i am interested in Civil War from VG, but others could be interested for me (Flying colors, Alexander the Great de luxe, Muskets and Pikets series, or Ancients Rome/Carthague are welcomed).
Excuse me for my poor english but it is not my native laguague. I´m from Spain 40 yo.
If you are interested, please don´t hesitate to email me to
Milhaud (Ramón)

Hello Milhaud,
Thanks for replying to my post. I am sure your English is a milion times better than my Spanish!
I think it will be difficult for me to play online so it would have to be via e-mail most of the time. I think you said you would prefer to play the bluecoats which is fine by me as I would prefer to play the rebs. Please let me know if you are still interested and we can make a start.


Hello BryJones !
all is right !, I would like to play with federals and I continue with my interest to play Civil War from VG.
When you agree I´ll send you to your email the (hidden) theatre assignments for the first turn :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.
My email is:
Regards from Spain
Ramón (Milhaud)


It has been a while since your post, but I am just now getting into VASSAL.

VITP appeals to me. I live in the US and am quite willing to pbem if you are. I have not played using VASSAL before, but have been playing games for 30+ years.


Hello Michael,
Good to hear from you. I am still keen to try out VITP. I have played a few other games on Vassel now so am getting the hang of the system. If you have any prefernce for sides I am happy to let you choose. Just let me know when you want to start the pbem game.


Dear Bryan,

Further to my earleir e mail how about a game of VITP ??



Hello Bry.

I’m new in VASSAL (but I play wargames for a lot of years now), and I’d like to discover Dauntless and submarine, if you have time to teahc a beginner